Things that explain the difference between shipping and delivery service and how they helped in the popularity of e-commerce

With the increasing demand for e-commerce by entrepreneurs and even the preference of consumers to buy products online, the concepts of shipping and delivery are increasing a lot, and some may confuse the two concepts and the fact that there are a number of differences and differences between them, and we have devoted this article to learn what is the difference between shipping and delivery service.

The difference between shipping and delivery service

The search for the difference between shipping and delivery service has become popular between the online merchant class and the consumer in general, technology has made it easier for humans to do all things and as a natural development, development and digitization of trade have also extended, so the consumer is using different platforms or via chats through different applications, or accessing the electronic stores of the Or a number of orders, which increased the demand for these two services, and we came here to root out the difference between shipping and delivery service.

Delivery service

It is the service concerned with the transfer of things from one place to another, and it is related to large-sized goods or items such as furniture, bulky movables and large-sized appliances, where it is required to move an accompanying person with those items to deliver them and install their parts if the customer requests, the fees for the service provided are estimated in a variable manner according to the difference in the distance traveled to deliver the package.

Shipping service

The shipping services specialize in small, specific-sized movables such as shoes, clothing pieces, accessories, decorative and cosmetic tools, where those products undergo a packaging and packaging process and are sent to the agreed place to the customer.the shipping date date indicates when the movables will leave their starting point. the company responsible for shipping determines a time line in the form of a period within which the products will arrive.

The essential differences between shipping and delivery

The arrival date of the parcel of transported items is determined from its arrival at the agreed and previously specified place, and not from the point of departure of the parcel.

The arrival date of the parcel in the delivery service is not definitively specified, but it is an approximate estimated date, as there may be changes or circumstances in the middle of the way that control the arrival date of the parcel.

 How the company avoids problems of confusion between shipping and delivery

Due to the confusion of many customers between the two types, and not knowing the difference between shipping and delivery service, the companies concerned with providing those services write two dates for customers so that the shipping date is the time of the parcel's departure, while the delivery date is the time the parcel arrives at the agreed point.

To resolve the confusion so that the customer does not think that the shipment he requested to be delivered is near the wrong arrival date, the company sends e-mails, clarifying this matter and noting to the customers that there is a difference between the two dates, so that the customer is aware of his order and prepares his affairs according to this change.

What should be available in shipping and delivery companies

After learning the difference between shipping service and delivery service, there are a number of things that must be available in the company providing shipping and delivery services, and we mention them as follows:

  • Accurately determine the customer's location, and this is done through the customer sending a message through which digital devices can determine the location and through which the shipping service fees are estimated, and from it the appropriate time for the arrival of the shipment is also identified.
  • The representative communicates by phone to inform him about the time of receipt and arrival.
  • Providing the feature of facilitating access to websites to prove the arrival of the shipment, without arbitrariness or imposing the presence signature on the receiving documents.
  • Providing a distinguished customer service team to communicate around the clock, all days of the week to receive inquiries and solve problems or difficulties facing them.
  • Providing special filters and tracks to follow up the customer's shipments and know their route, where a dedicated panel is provided for each customer to manage the shipment with ease.
  • Providing a special scheduling system to facilitate customers and deal with their circumstances.
  • A flexible system of payment and multiple collection methods to be consistent with the conditions of customers, and facilitate the receipt of shipments without complications.
  • Providing company-specific applications that facilitate the process of requesting service and tracking the shipment or packages transported.
  • Facilitate the return, collection and management of outstanding and collected funds in an organized manner to facilitate the customer.

How shipping and delivery services contributed to the rise of e-commerce

After learning the difference between shipping and delivery service, you must be wondering about the role of these two services in promoting e-commerce, and in the following we explain a number of things:

Reduce expenses for the consumer and seller

Despite the difference between shipping and delivery service, they are integrated so that they make a clear development in e-commerce, reducing expenses for the buyer the most important thing that shipping and delivery services provide; it saves him the cost of having a presence of the company from which the product is ordered, which is added indirectly from the total price of the product.

On the other hand, it also saves entrepreneurs from building stores on the ground, as they are content with building electronic platforms and pages through social media and through websites without having to buy a real store in one of the cities.

Therefore, despite the difference between the delivery service and shipping, we will find that both are in the interest of the owner of the activity and reduce the expenses of equipping a headquarters, which is reflected in reducing the prices of products and then reducing them on the buyer and finally the occurrence of a Vogue that benefits the industry as a whole without material burdens on both parties.

Helping brands expand their business

On another scale, even large and international brands that have multiple main branches on the ground have not forgotten their share of the audience, and the leaders of websites, online stores, and even social media platforms, they are a broad sector that helps increase sales.

Even the science of e-marketing contributed to motivating the buyer to the purchase decision, and even building and creating motivation for the buyer because of the lifestyle of many celebrities beloved by consumers and loved by them to imitate it, and other methods of paying the customer to order the product.

Dealing with the language of the Times

Yes, we will not ignore the difference between delivery and shipping service, but they are credited with dealing with the conditions of the times, with one click the consumer can order the service or product, without moving from his position too quickly and without wasting time, and the costs associated with the process of moving and ordering the desired product.

Also dealing with digitization and technological systems where you can request a shipping service by accessing electronic applications, social platforms, or electronic stores, as well as payment by electronic methods through e-wallet services, bank payment by transfer or payment permissions.

Mitigating the scale of the epidemic

It is no secret to anyone the great role played by companies providing shipping and delivery services in completing commercial activities without the customer having to leave his home, thanks to door-to-door shipping services, and also facilitated the work of companies in terms of shipping their goods from one place to another.

The difference between shipping and delivery service has now become obvious and has also become obvious in what each of them is used for, and how the service provider has helped in the spread of e-commerce and achieving several advantages for the buyer and alleviating the financial burdens on him, and helping the entrepreneur in reaching great gains

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