Our story

A shipping and transportation company specializing in providing new services in a different way to small and medium-sized companies in the Egyptian labor market at the lowest cost and by the smartest means using modern technology

Our mission

Asphalt company is working to change the concept of shipping and transportation in the Egyptian market from just an ordinary company to a leading company in the field of providing services in a way that covers the reserves of small and medium-sized companies – and we seek to be a success partner for all companies in all sectors of work

Our values

Happiness : our values is to make our customers happy by dealing with an asphalt company by providing services that keep up with their needs and keep up with market developments 

Mastery: it is to ensure the achievement and implementation of what was agreed and work on the development and avoidance of any errors

Progress : introducing everything new so that we are at the forefront by looking for a new competitive advantage


Our plan


Establishing the company and forming a strong team

Work on establishing the company in everything that the shipping and transportation market requires, and this can only be achieved by working to find competitive advantage and apply it through a strong team


Adding a variety of ground transportation

This stems from our sense of responsibility and that we have a clear vision that the success of the company is equal to what has been achieved in meeting the needs of customers and the Egyptian market – and this is because it is available only with the availability of all means of transport that meet the needs of different businesses in speed and size


Covering all business sectors

To move the company to work in shipping and transport in the governorates and cover all the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt – and expand the volume of work so that all the Egyptian market benefits from the services provided by asphalt alone in the Egyptian market


Opening of new branches in all governorates

The company is keen to reach the largest number of companies and customers and connect all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt through services


Adding new logistics services

The success of any company is measured through logistics services and the extent of its professional application and the abundance of services that cover all customer sectors


Air and sea freight

Sea freight : it is the most important means of transportation in the world where international shipping is concentrated in the world air freight : it is the transportation of goods by aircraft from one place to another and from one country to another and air freight is characterized by speed and the possibility of rapid response to transportation requirements