You can send shipments with asphalt using one of the following methods:

  1. Use the online shipping page to process your shipment – after you have created an account for you on the website
  2. You have to download the free asphalt program and use it to prepare your shipment as it is convenient for you from the google play Store or ISO
  3. You can also deliver your shipment to asphalt office directly

Do not ship prohibited items prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following: Alcohol, Tobacco, regular and electronic cigarettes and their parts, prescription drugs, items that are prohibited from being shipped legally and products that are or contain flammable materials and individual lithium batteries cannot be charged without an accompanying device-such as a power bank All beauty products can be shipped provided that they are not flammable or one of the other reasons for the ban – Also, it is not possible to ship fuel (gasoline), matches, or any kind of fuel, fresh or perishable food, mold, chemical or biological materials of any kind, unknown substances in the form of powder, firearms or ammunition of any kind, including imitations, or any parts thereof, and white weapons of any kind or Any of its parts, including swords, knives, bayonets, etc., human organs or human materials, including blood and blood components, money, securities, traveler's checks , currency, cash equivalents of any kind, materials of a pornographic or sexual nature, or intended to spread hatred, materials that If we find any of the prohibited purposes in your name, we will notify you of your situation immediately .if we find any of the prohibited purposes in your name, they may be dangerous, harmful or illegal. You will have a period of three days to remove them from our warehouse, after the expiration of the three-day period, any item will be considered abandoned(abandoned) and will be disposed of .any prohibited items that cannot be shipped to a place inside the Arab Republic of Egypt due to carrier restrictions or local laws will be disposed of immediately. We are not responsible for material damage resulting from this act.

You can track your shipment at any time using the online tracking tool located on our website www.asphalt-eg.com

Or by sending SMS on your mobile or by using Asfalt's application on JoJo play or ISO

Cash on delivery service is a service provided by asphalt to merchants to deliver their products to buyers and then collect the amount from customers on their behalf. . Be by the following :

  1. Cash
  2. Visa 
  3. Online payment        

- Asfalt will receive expenses for collection as shown in the table below For cash Just

The cash amount will be transferred to the client according to the following criteria:

- 3 working days if shipped within Cairo, Alexandria

- 4 working days if the shipment is delivered within the canal cities, the main Delta cities, Upper Egypt cities and the Red Sea cities

The amount collected is" in Egyptian pounds "Fixed commission" in Egyptian pounds "

1 : 4000







- In case the customer chooses a service Visa 3 percentage will be added From the price of the shipment "Bank expenses" in addition to 10 fixed pounds - in case the customer chooses a service Online payment - The customer must be subscribed to the API  Which has other details

There are a number of reasons for delayed delivery:

  1. The address is unclear in detail or the address is wrong
  2. Wrong customer contact details
  3. Failure to find the client at the previously specified time
Within 24 hours, the receipt will be received from the sender The shipment is sent to the addressee as follows Greater Cairo : within 48 hours Sea face and kiss : 72 hours

Jumbo cars 8000, 7000 and 5000 " with a box "
Chevrolet semitrailer cars " with a box "
Suzuki pickup cars " with a box "
Suzuki van car
Trusklat " in a box "

Yes-as follows
Overview: Asfalt provides your company with a delivery service in Egypt; with the support of the features below:

A distinguished customer service team
Facilitating collection service
The ability to integrate asphalt systems with your website.API
Web-based tracking of shipments.
Facilitate deliveries to most areas within Egypt, including all governorates of Egypt .
Product packaging to maintain product quality
Pre-eviction procedures : your company will be provided with an account on the website , which can be used for:

Create shipping labels
Statement of shipments
Detailed reports
Tracking shipments
It also allows you to import existing data to help you create a new waybill quickly and enables you to import files of the following types:

ملفات Microsoft Excel
CSV files
PDF files
Mobile application (with the new application, on google play-IOS )

Delivery tracking
Monitoring the shipment with every step
Manage their address and delivery details
Complaints management
Cash collection management

Be through your account on the website and be contacted in less than 24 hours ( send a complaint)
Types of complaints :

  1. Complaint from the driver
  2. Complaint from a representative
  3. Complaint from customer service
  4. Another complaint
The customer is compensated with the cost of the original shipment or 500 Egyptian pounds whichever is less, but the following conditions must be met A-the product was for collection – any information about the price of the parcel B-it should be wrapped and the customer used asphalt tools for packaging to protect the product C-the customer's data written in the policy should be clearly written and there is no error in it D-the product should not be one of the prohibited products " terms and conditions " -If a shipment is lost before it is delivered to the consignee, the company has the right to 3 working days to search for it and take the necessary action -If the company confirms that some customers are abusing the compensation policy, the company has the right to stop dealing with them and take the necessary legal measures regarding them. - The same compensation conditions apply to shipments damaged for company-specific reasons without the need for a 3-day notice period. - The customer does not have the right to request compensation in case of damage to the shipment due to his failure to pack it in a manner commensurate with the nature of the shipment and the methods of Transportation followed by the company
Yes, I have a Visa enabled asphalt, which is as follows : For the visa service, 3% of the shipment price will be added "Bank expenses" in addition to a fixed EGP 10

Send a message through your account on the website "ordering supplies" – through which you specify the quantity and type

The prices for the supplies are as follows :

Type of packaging



"In Egyptian pounds "

A small suitcase

Height 76 cm X Width 50 cm


A big suitcase

Length 100 cm X Width 60 cm


Small carton

Length 45 cm X Width 25 cm X Height 30 cm


Large carton

Length 60 cm X Width 40 cm X Height 40 cm


It is initially 3 pounds for every sixth kilo - sometimes the price is increased by more than 3 pounds in an estimated amount of asphalt due to the size of the package itself ( as length * width * height / 5000)
Minimum 5 shipments at a time The minimum contract is 150 shipments per month
The company's commercial registration and tax card are delivered to the client with the delivery of a policy, which is considered as a receipt of trust, pledge and binding from the company