What is the affiliate system

The word affiliate echoed in the echoes and its mention increased a lot, which made many people wonder what is the affiliate system How it can be applied and benefited from it in material terms and does it really generate a good profit for those who work in this system, all this we will learn about through this article.

The affiliate system is defined as the promotion of a known service or product by one of the people looking for profit, and returns to him with a commission, which means a known material remuneration received as an intermediary.

Do not think that this type of marketing is of a modern type, on the contrary, it is an old type where the company that owns the service has the right to grant gifts and commissions to visitors who make product recommendations on their pages and accounts via various platforms, or their blogs.

After getting acquainted with what the affiliate system is, we inform you that this concept is also called affiliate marketing, or against Commission, and the frequency of some of this concept has increased over the past decade thanks to the expansion of e-commerce, increased demand for it and increased presence by customers on various platforms.

What did the commission system benefit the marketer and trader

After getting acquainted with what the affiliate system is, you must have understood and extracted the benefits to the parties to the process (seller, buyer, marketer) with a lot of benefits, which we explain as follows:

The seller

The affiliate marketing system contributes to the popularity of the seller's business, targeting new customers and segments, and making them regular customers who frequent to request a service or product.

The buyer

The buyer can get the best price for the same item because sellers are rushing to put up prices and discounts to supply sales, especially since the products are offered in a number of places.

The mediator

The affiliate or affiliate marketer gets a percentage of sales thanks to his influence in the audience and his quest to get new customers, spend time searching for them, targeting them and convincing them of the efficiency and quality of the good or product

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