Prevent damage to shipments upon delivery; 4 ways to safely deliver parcels

Everyone is wondering how to prevent damage to shipments upon delivery, it is unfortunate that you find a lot of contents have been damaged, which exposes you to loss, and in the event that there are a number of things that contribute to the arrival of shipments safely and without damage, let's find out about them.

Prevent damage to shipments upon delivery

No one is unaware of the role of shipping in the promotion and prosperity of e-commerce, and vice versa, e-commerce has helped to increase the popularity of the shipping and logistics market, this has helped to urge companies involved in providing delivery and shipping services to improve their services, and strive to prevent damage to shipments upon delivery,but how This is what we offer in the following:

Accurate data receipt

Veteran companies in shipping, delivery and providing logistics services are interested in obtaining accurate information and data regarding the shipped parcel, in a way that leaves no room for confusion, so that they avoid falling into the trap of damaging shipments during transportation, and the shipment arrives safely, as the data is processed accurately and identify the sensitivity of a product only and any of them needs intensive care to avoid and prevent damage to shipments when Delivery.

Put the product in a box proportional to its size

The first step to prevent damage to shipments upon delivery is to pay attention to choosing a box proportional to the size of the product, so that it does not allow the movement of the product left and right and increases the possibility of being broken, spilled or affected upon impact, and it is desirable that the package itself is somewhat identical to the size of the selected box.

Consolidation of breakable contents

It is highly possible to carry and transport materials and products that are prone to shattering and breaking easily, and with a lot of movement, the shipment is transferred from hand to hand and exposure to vibration exposes those fragile pieces to break or cause cracks, to overcome this dilemma, and prevent damage to shipments upon delivery, the pieces must be wrapped and reinforced with cardboard, after that the product is wrapped with an air bag to intensify protection.

Strengthening the emptiness in the boxes

With full care to choose a box suitable for the size of the product, however, there must be other voids, and to get rid of this, the voids are reinforced with pieces of paper and supports to install the contents, as well as protect it from scratches and shocks, especially electronic contents.

Put a clear alert on the box about the risk of breakage

It is important to reinforce packages with breakable or spilled objects with warning words or, at the very least, marking, so that the worker entrusted with the transportation of products to the load carefully pays attention and be careful.

Inclusion of technological means in packaging

There are a number of automated means that are based on advanced technology, where they help you with a number of information and data that contribute to the packaging of parcels perfectly, and according to digital calculations and processors you will get recommendations regarding the type of Packaging based on the entered data including the size of the product and its quality, these things contribute to the safe arrival of parcels.

How does the customer guarantee his right due to damaged parcels

It is unfortunate that the customer is exposed to the breakage of any of the contents of his package, a number of moral and material damages may be reflected on him; therefore, he must preserve his rights if the shipping company does not take measures to prevent damage to shipments upon delivery.

The best ways to preserve your right in case your shipment is damaged is to deal mainly with guaranteed companies to avoid such problems, as the distinguished and famous companies are the ones that provide guarantees before shipment so that they are responsible for paying compensation in case the shipment is damaged.

To avoid and prevent damage to shipments upon delivery, you must choose companies that offer insurance before shipping packages to make sure that you are a guarantor of your rights before the shipment leaves its place, also you must choose the big names in the world of shipping and delivery to not expose your business to problems or damage

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