Digital Transformation; 4 steps to digitization and its correct definition

Concepts such as digitization and digital transformation come to our ears a lot, and one needs to get to know those concepts and how a person can benefit from them, and integrate them into reaching customers, achieving progress in the labor market, and achieving many profits, and it is no wonder that we find such vocabulary, the world is witnessing successive civilizational booms and leaps that reveal an information and digital Regardless of the geographical nature, it does not care about the separations or boundaries of any of their names.

What is digital transformation

Digital transformation is defined as the use of other smart and digital technologies in various activities in daily life, relying on them as alternative methods to traditional means, developing technical concepts aimed at new customers and taking advantage of digital progress as a whole in expanding business activity.

It also works to facilitate practical and functional tasks, and the use of accurate new technologies to raise the efficiency of employees, or reduce reliance on analyses and conclusions of the human factor, whose results often end with percentages of error or overlap of his experiences, references and personal convictions in those analyses.

The most examples of adapting digital transformation to achieve broad successes in economic activity, the use of digital transformation in customer service, sales and marketing, instead of relying on the use of paper and paper documents, the transformation is made to spreadsheets that can give you an accurate presentation, with accurate calculations, with a graphical presentation and analysis that helps the manager or whoever is interested to review the results and provide statistics.

Definition of digitization

Digitization is defined as the process of converting data and obtaining information from the theoretical form of Digital, after companies had a large room where handwritten files were kept, and information needed to be searched in a number of papers and huge files, the process turned into just easy clicks and storing a huge amount in what is known as cloud storage.

 What are the steps of digital transformation

A digital strategy is being built through which it is possible to optimize the entire levels, namely, if we talk about the professional and economic aspect, profits are provided and the position of the enterprise in the market is improved, and this is not done in isolation:

  • Carrying out measurements of all available digital capabilities and resources.
  • Choosing the best template through which an integrated marketing activity is designed.
  • Identify the needs and resources required during the digital transformation process and study the source of their provision and mention it in the reports.
  • Identify the shortcomings and obstacles that may be encountered in the digital transformation plan, and through this step aims to predict the problems before they occur to develop a comprehensive plan to face them.

What are the benefits of digital transformation

A package of benefits can be obtained by simply tolerating digital for the rest of the Departments of your commercial establishment, or in ordinary life, even government institutions by taking steps of digital transformation have saved and facilitated many things for the masses, and gave them a lot of benefits, and about digital transformation in the educational aspect has happened and there is nothing wrong, below we list Digital:

  • Saving effort from using traditional methods.
  • Saving material costs arising from equipping places for keeping records of internal sections of facilities while preserving them from damage.
  • Accessibility to the consumer, multiple means of communication with him, with easy delivery of advertising materials and control over the allocation of the consumer audience from waste of money and time.
  • Digital transformation simplifies and facilitates all the procedures used in the business, even in the access of employees and the employer himself to information.
  • The ease of obtaining Echo feedback and knowing the impact of advertising messages from the public, with the design of reports reflecting consumer opinions on the services provided, and the ability to avoid complaints that may occur in the future .
  • Easy access to a new audience and expansion of the circle of users, allowing to excel and occupy an advanced position in the competitive market.

What are the barriers to digital transformation

Gartner Global Research Foundation has put forward six obstacles for those in charge when moving to digitization or digital transformation to implement, and take them into account, and we mention them as follows:

  • Clinging to the old culture and the refusal of workers to search tirelessly for digitization, as a number of institutions prefer to stay in an old area of hierarchy in work and individuality.
  • The reluctance of employees within the organization to share their information, experiences and knowledge towards the new.
  • Institutions still lack the skills and resources that must be available for digital transformation; that is, they are still not ready for transformation and digitization.
  • Following managers in the distribution of tasks and the distribution of employees on an old approach, prevents innovation and creativity in the new approach in terms of digitization.
  • The difficulty of getting used to change and damaging it.
  • Digital transformation needs more money.

Now that things have become clear with regard to change and digital transformation, it is important to coordinate the transformation in such a way as to ensure the preservation of resources and not expose them to waste, and before that it is necessary to organize the process, study things and find out the readiness of the facility for transformation, as well as the degree of readiness

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