Economical shipping; its definition and the two most popular types of shipping in this type

There are a lot of solutions provided by companies to increase the popularity of the shipping and delivery industry, and economic shipping is one of those solutions due to the number of advantages it has gained, which qualified it to be a popular option for many customers, and below we explain everything related to this type of shipping.

What is economical shipping

There is no doubt that the popularity of the shipping process is necessarily reflected on trade, especially e-commerce, and many retailers need a lot of facilities and discounts that revive their trade and contribute to motivating the buyer to buy thanks to reduced prices.

Considering what economic shipping is and its definition, we find that it is a type of shipping that is known for low costs, where goods and shipments are transported and it is suitable for goods that do not need transportation speed, and enjoys the reduced cost of the rest of the types, of course, the low cost will necessarily be reflected on the speed of receipt, but at least it will save a lot of expenses.

Average arrival of economy freight goods

When it comes to talking about how Economy shipping takes longer than other types of shipping, an important question probably comes to your mind, which is how long does economy shipping take to reach the customer.

In fact, there is no specific time to be cut off by the arrival of any shipment, whether in economic shipping or any other type, as there are a number of factors to control the length of time, which is prolonged or increased, namely:

  • Possibilities of the shipping company.
  • The distance traveled for the arrival of trucks, as local shipments take a shorter time than international shipments, as well as the distance of the shipping point from the delivery point.
  • Different weather conditions.
  • The occurrence of obstacles that prevent the timely arrival of shipments.
  • Other unforeseen circumstances.

In any case, the delivery time for shipments ranges from 10 to 20 days.

Advantages of using economical shipping

Many customers and merchants prefer to request economical shipping services, especially large and non-perishable shipments faster, as you will get similar advantages to other shipping services at much lower prices, if the shipment does not need urgent shipping.

Types of economical shipping

Economic shipping is similar to other types of Shipping, which are applied in all countries, and we present them as follows:

Ground shipping

It is intended to transport parcels and shipments via trucks from the fulfillment point to reach their destination to the customer or the agreed place, and about the time it takes to complete this process, we find that it requires several days ranging from four to five days, and most often this type is used in local shipments.

Sea freight

Economical Sea shipping is considered the preferred shipping for international shipments, which include large and huge shipments to be transported from one country to another, which is very financially efficient and faster than land shipments, and despite the long distances that diverge from one country to another, the average time taken to deliver shipments is 10-20 days.

How to provide economical shipping services
The companies involved in providing economic shipping services direct the customer to a number of options and facilities, and as follows:

  • Clearance of customs papers and legal transactions.
  • Provide the advantages of receiving and delivering from the customer's door to the door of the chosen destination.
  • Provide good packaging services to keep parcels from damage.
  • Assist the customer in choosing the appropriate shipping methods for him.
  • Offer competitive prices to attract the client and give him a wide choice.

Classify goods and parcels according to the sensitivity and nature of the contents, and protect them from damage or damage

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